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Highly Rated By Simon Cowell & UK’s No#1 Michael Jackson Look-Alike

Rory Jackson will have you completely star struck as he is the living image of MJ during his prime in the late 80’s & early 90s, earning the title of

UK’s No#1 Michael Jackson Look Alike.

Rory’s Incredible Dance Talent, Skill & The Athletic embodiment of the late King Of Pop is what makes him as a Professional Michael Jackson Tribute Act different from the rest.

Dancing himself into a white-heat from start to finish whilst singing live with all the famous MJ trademark vocals included, Rory will take you back in time, giving you the ultimate live

insight and experience of Michael at his performing peak

during the BAD WORLD TOUR 1987-88 with all the favourite Hits,

Costumes and incredible dance routines.


As Seen On ITV's

Britain's Got Talent

Click here to watch

“An absolute “MUST SEE” for all Michael Jackson fans!

You can book Rory Jackson as a solo Michael Jackson tribute act or book him with a supporting act, Emma B as Britney Spears, who will blow you away with her sensational tribute to the Princess of Pop. The duo tour all over the UK, so call 07568 547914 today to book a show.

RORY JACKSON'S Latest reviews 

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Experience a Michael Jackson tribute show like never before

Rory Jackson is a life-size Michael Jackson Look alike

Rory Jackson is exactly the same height, build and weight as Michael Jackson, standing 5ft 9 inches tall, 125lbs

with real hair, permed to precision and maintained in the BAD Era hairstyle.


The sound

Rory’s Michael Jackson tribute show comes fully self-contained with a full range of professional equipment. The 5000 watt Mackie speakers, Sennheiser EW 100 G4 Microphones, and Yamaha PA sound system produce a clear quality sound.


All of Rory Jackson's backing tracks have been 

professionally recreated and produced in the style of Michael Jackson's Bad Tour Concerts

by Michi Studio Remakes


The visuals


Get a Michael Jackson Tribute show that is as high in standard as a professional theatre production. Rory Jackson’s show comes with all the trimmings including, made to measure replica costumes and accessories as used by Michael Jackson himself during his World Touring concerts during the 80's  & 90's, standard lighting, stage effects, smoke machines, and pyrotechnics operated with a professional technical crew.


The merchandise

Rory Jackson’s performances comes with a merchandise stand for you to buy posters, gloves, key rings, and hats. All posters will be personally signed by Rory Jackson, you can also shop online and order the latest items on sale.

What makes Rory Jackson's tribute show different from others? 

Rory Jackson As Michael Jackson

Sings Live With Pitch Perfect MJ Trademark Vocals

Rory Jackson posing as Michael Jackson

Rated UK's No#1
Michael Jackson

Rory Jackson posing as Michael Jackson iconic

Incredible Dance Skills & The Athletic embodiment of the late King Of Pop

Upcoming events

Newquay, Cornwall

Venue: Lane Theatre, Newquay, Cornwall

Friday 16th June 2023

@ 7:30pm


Venue: The Cresset Theatre, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

Thursday 22nd June 2023 @ 7:30pm

Ivybridge, Devon

Venue: The Watermark, Ivybridge, Devon


Friday 29th September 2023


@ 7:30pm

Sittingbourne, Kent

Venue: Avenue Theatre, Sittingbourne, Kent


Thursday 2nd November 2023

@ 7:30pm

Southwold, Suffolk

Venue: Southwold Arts Centre, Southwold, Suffolk


Friday 17th November 2023

@ 7:30pm

Rory Jackson Ticket Box office

Buy tickets directly from Rory Jackson

For a live MJ Tribute Act like no other, call today on

07568 547914


RORY JACKSON'S Latest reviews 

Contact Us

Rory Jackson is a lifelong Michael Jackson fan specialising in performing hits from the 1988 Bad World Tour and 1992 Dangerous World Tour.

Rory performs all over the UK, for booking enquiries call:


07568 547914

Or email: 

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